Listed is the current WVI Advisory Board Officers

  • Chair – Cathy C.
  • Vice-Chair – Susan K.
  • Treasurer – Jane A.
  • Secretary – Sherrie A.
  • Member at Large A – Matthew S.
  • Member at Large B – Donna H.
  • Member at Large C. – VACANT

A Simple Guide for….

NEW Intergroup Representatives attending Willamette Valley Intergroup (WVI) meetings:

Congratulations on becoming your group’s representative to the WVI !!! You have been entrusted with voting your group’s conscience on policies and decisions affecting “carrying the message” of Alcoholics Anonymous in our area. Our hope is that you are sharing the Meeting Minutes and all pertinent information with your home group AND bringing your groups concerns and questions to the WVI meeting.

To better acquaint yourself with the role of a representative, review the position description at  Willamette Valley Intergroup Representative.

Meeting Day is the 3 rd Monday of each month at 7:00PM: 

Zoom Meetings

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can get accurate attendance. 

  1. Please email your Group Report to to help make sure minutes are accurate. 
  2. Vote on any motions made.
  3. Provide a verbal Group Report when called upon.

In-Person Meetings

Please arrive a few minutes early to get prepared for meeting. 

  1. Pick up all handouts (that you will share with your home group) from the piano.
  2. Be sure to sign-in on sheet that is going around the room. Your name may not be on the list, if it is not please write your name, your home group meeting name, your email address, phone and then initial that you were present.
  3. One of the handouts will be a ½ sheet titled “Group Reports”. Please complete this form each meeting. Provide some information about your group, events you have going on, or service positions that are open. At the end of the meeting, please give to the Secretary and she will place your report into the Meeting Minutes. When the secretary completes the meeting minutes, they will email the minutes to everyone on the email distribution list.