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Click here for the Willamette Valley Intergroup Contacts

Community Outreach Contacts

A. A. Cooperates With Professionals

If you are a Professional Working With Alcoholics and would like more information.

Please contact –

The Central Intergroup Office during normal business hours at 503-399-0599.

Public Information about A.A.

For more information about Alcoholics Anonymous, or to establish a contact in Marion/Polk Counties.

Please contact –

The Central Intergroup Office during normal business hours at 503-399-0599.

Hospitals & Institutions

If you are from a treatment center, hospital, or institution and need further information.

Please contact –

The Central Intergroup Office during normal business hours at 503-399-0599.

Other Program Contacts

General Service Office, NY City

New and Improved site with Bookstore

GSO (General Service Office) –

New and Improved website

Online Intergroup of AA

With Meeting Directory

Online Intergroup of AA –


Oregon Area 58

Areas such as Oregon Area 58 (, are typically state or province-wide service bodies made up of G.S.R.’s (General Service Representatives who report to/from groups and meetings), D.C.M.’s (District Committee Members who report to/from G.S.R’s), Area Officers, and Service Committees.

Contacting Oregon Area 58 –

We recommend using Area’s Contact Us page that provides a dropdown list of their contacts.

District 4

Oregon Area 58 is comprised of 37 Districts. The Willamette Valley Intergroup serves District 4 (Oregon’s District Map). See below for District 28 information.

Contacting District 4 –

We recommend either looking on the Oregon Area 58 webpage (link) or contacting your District Committee Member directly via email

District 28

District 28 serves Spanish-speaking groups in our area.

District 28 mailing address –
2495 Lancaster Dr. NE, Bldg D
Salem, OR 97305  


Contacting District 28 –

See the top of the Meetings page for a link to the directory of Spanish-speaking groups on the Oregon Area 58 (link) webpage. Or contact the District Committee Member directly via email

Grapevine & LaViña

Grapevine & La Viña (the Spanish version of the Grapevine) are here to help.

We have included a link to our YouTube channel with some original audio stories as well as other important information. Please share with your fellows. To visit websites ->

The Grapevine & LaViña

Grapevine (& LaViña) Websites

Grapevine & LaViña are Here to Help.

Grapevine’s New Podcast.

Grapevine & LaViña on YouTube.


Information about Al-Anon is presented here as a service to members of the fellowship and/or their families. Neither the Willamette Valley Intergroup nor the Central Office in Salem is affiliated with Al-Anon. (From the Al-Anon Service Manual Tradition Six “…Although a separate entity, Al-Anon should always cooperate with Alcoholics Anonymous”)

In relation to local AA Intergroups or Central Offices, Al-Anon may offer –

  • To name one or two members to act as liaison and to provide current lists of group contacts for Twelfth Step referrals.
  • To submit Al-Anon/Alateen meeting information for inclusion on AA’s local meeting list if asked to do so.
  • To reimburse AA for any expenses incurred on Al-Anon’s behalf, such as telephone calls, cost of printing meeting lists on which Al-Anon meetings are also listed, and copying costs.
  • Al-Anon performs its own Twelfth Step work in alcohol treatment centers, hospitals, and other facilities, and with professionals that work with families and friends of alcoholics.

Al-Anon (& Alateen) –

For Al-Anon (& Alateen) schedules and info click here –

Experience has shown that cooperation with A.A. can be reciprocal… “Therefore the following questions are provided here with the hope that they will be mutually beneficial in recovery.” 

Link to the Al-Anon Questions

Other –

WVI Website Guidelines as determined by the WVI Website Adhoc committee in 2022.

WVI Intergroup Representative Description

WVI Central Office
687 Cottage St NE
Salem, OR 97301
24-Hour Phone Line

Mon – Fri 10 am – 6 pm
Sat 10 am – 2 pm
Sun Closed

There is now a Gate at the entrance to offices, so please park on street and walk to #687, or call 399-0599 to have volunteer open gate to allow you to park near office #687.

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