Willamette Valley Intergroup is a nonprofit corporation that provides an Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office governed by an Intergroup committee. The purpose is to encourage mutual support and cooperation between groups in the Alcoholics Anonymous community in District 4 (see map below). It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. It does this by maintaining a Central Office; Answering Service; meeting schedules; website; and creating committees that provide further essential functions.


  • The Intergroup Committee will be comprised of one representative and one alternate from each group in the Willamette Valley area. Each group shall be entitled to one vote on all matters.
  • The Intergroup Committee representatives and alternates must be active members of the group they represent. It is suggested that each representative and alternate have at least one year of continuous sobriety.
  • Representatives or alternates should be willing to serve on committees, or as chairpersons of committees, for such events and services as may be determined by the Intergroup Committee.
  • Regular meetings of the Intergroup Committee shall be held on the third Monday of each month.

Intergroup Representative (I.G.R.)


Located at 687 Cottage Street in Salem, Oregon. This office provides literature and coins for the A.A. community. It is manned by volunteers of Alcoholics Anonymous 6 days a week and is a central contact point for meeting schedules; announcements and information for upcoming events and service committees. Twelve-step calls are received and processed during office hours and phones are forwarded to after-hour volunteers.


This group of volunteers develops and initiates events for the A.A. community. The events are for fun and are either free or with minimal expenses. Any profits are donated to the WVI.

H & I COMMITTEE (Hospitals & Institutions Committee)

Coordinates with A.A. members to provide panels, meetings, literature, and on-call member lists to institutions and parole/probation offices within the Willamette Valley. This committee is responsible for the county jails and local treatment centers and hospitals in Marion and Polk County.


A group of A.A. members who create an annual luncheon for the women in the fellowship. This event is for fun and fellowshipping. Any profits are donated to WVI and District 4.


A registered group of Alcoholics Anonymous that creates a convention for the A.A. community annually in the Willamette Valley.


OSYPAA was created in 2011 by a group of young people in Eugene. Roughly a year after hosting WACYPAA, Eugene’s young people’s committee was struggling to find a purpose. No longer acting as a bid committee for WACYPAA, the unity among YPAA’s in the area had dwindled considerably. Looking to unify the area, and ultimately the entire state, the group then known as EASYPAA (Eugene and Springfield Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) would vote to disband. They immediately reformed as the first ever OSYPAA host committee.

Oregon State Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous is a committee whose intent is to have a yearly conference in Oregon that will enrich and strengthen the young people’s fellowship across the state. OSYPAA’s aim is to reach young people in sobriety and carry the message of AA’s Twelve Steps while demonstrating that life as a sober young person is both exciting and worthwhile.


Each group’s Group Service Representative (G.S.R.) usually participates in regular district meetings with the G.S.R.s of other local groups. There the G.S.R.s discuss plans and make decisions on how to best serve the local groups. They also learn more about what is happening in A.A. world service. G.S.R.s also take part in area assemblies. They give input to those representing your area at the General Service Conference.